Commercial Painting

Over the years we have undertaken many large scale commercial projects. One of our defining projects was the Toowoomba State Library in conjunction with Hutchinson Builders. A project which won multiple awards.

We also cater to the childcare industry and currently service a few centres in the Brisbane area. Some of these projects have been completed after hours in order to not disrupt day to day business.

We also cater to the body corporate market, reputable builders and Small business owners with shop frontage.

Our Professional Commercial Painting in Brisbane Is All Set for You

If you’re tired of the same old colour in and on your building, let us come and make it look brand new with our commercial painting in Brisbane. It’s unbelievable how quickly we can get used to something, especially if we stare at it every day, but that sounds dull to us, and we don’t want you to feel dreary by looking at the same colour wall for years to come. Don’t you think it’s time to change that and elevate the way you, your employees, and new clients feel about the appearance of your premises?

Make your building stand out and improve the perception people have of your business. The new look will immediately boost traffic to your company and increase the property’s value. By giving the building a new fresh coat of paint, we’ll be able to expand the lifespan of the building as well.

The Importance of Commercial Painters in Brisbane

Many business owners get comfortable with the way their building looks, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Still, if you start hearing employees complain about the colour or maybe clients talk about the paint in your lobby beginning to come off, it’s time to rethink that comfortable spot you’re in. A newly painted wall inside or outside can draw people in just by how the colours make them feel. They say the first impression is everything, so thinking about your building upgrades as buying a new suit of clothing boosts attractiveness and makes a good impression.

  • We are a team of highly trained and passionate commercial painters in Brisbane, and we don’t want your building to look like every other building on the block. Instead, we want you to stand out above the rest and improve the perception people have of your business when they walk or drive by.
  • You, as the owner, want your employees to be happy when coming to work, but that won’t be the case when their work area, kitchen, or bathrooms look unappealing. Getting a fresh paint in those areas can put your employees in a good mood, increasing productivity.
  • You didn’t spend all that money building up your business only to see it become dilapidated. No, you want to leave behind a legacy. With a newly painted interior and exterior, you can protect your investment.

Tips Regarding Commercial Painting Contractors in Brisbane

We believe in a high standard of customer satisfaction, that’s why our painters will always do their best to leave our clients delighted. As your reliable commercial painting contractors in Brisbane, we would like to offer you a few helpful tips to improve the results of your building renovation.

  • The first and probably the most important tip that will impact the future of your building is colour.
  • Preparing the space is something we do for you, especially when doing the interior. Still, we appreciate your help with clearing the desks of computers and documents to prevent any damage while we’re painting.
  • We will always inspect the space before the service, so if you have any areas you would like us to take special care of or maybe do some filling or sanding, you can point those out to us.

About Shelley Contracting Painting Specialists

We offer a wide range of commercial painting services for you, and with over ten years of experience, rest assured that your building will be the talk of the town when we’re finished.
Contact us if you require any further information regarding our services.