Residential Painting

There is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your own home take on a whole new look. It can be “Like a new house” as many a customer has said to us.

With years of experience in the industry and access to Dulux colour consultanats we can provide you with the right advice for your home. In conjunction with Solacoat we really do have your whole house covered.

So whether it be a three story Queenslander in need of loving repair or a modern rendered home we have all your painting and roof insulation needs covered.

Residential Painting in Brisbane With Shelley Contracting

Operating as a local, family-owned business, Shelley Contracting should be your first option when it comes to residential painting requirements in Brisbane. Because we provide a bespoke service to our customers, we ensure a high standard of workmanship. Service delivery and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance and should be affordable and available to everyone.

Related Services We Provide to Residential Painters in Brisbane

Our skills and services apply to private residences and include almost every type of property. This allows us to integrate our experience and knowledge into our projects, using different techniques to produce the highest quality work. Some of our other services include:

  • Commercial, industrial and rural paintwork. By being adaptable to the projects we support, we can accommodate any property to the point where we offer interior and exterior maintenance work to our clients in the most rural parts of Western Queensland and surrounds.
  • Specialist access services. We work with well-known scaffolding suppliers and talented abseil teams to reach any spot on a property, helping you finish projects quickly and safely. We also see to the installation of permanently-fixed harness points that allow for future renovations or maintenance work.
  • Power washing. By using our specialised water blasting equipment, we can easily clean any surface, including roofs, driveways or parking lots.

What Sets Shelley Contracting Apart Regarding our Residential Painters in Brisbane

  • Solacoat insulation. We have a partnership with Solacoat, enabling us to apply their three-coated heat reflection system to any property, thereby creating a more regulated room temperature and decreasing your need for air conditioning.

Why You Should Use Our Residential Painters in Brisbane

Besides providing free quotes on all our projects, we make sure that we prepare for any job. We are promp reliable and trushworthy. We solely use Dulux paints for all our projects, as we are an accredited company.

If you are still unsure about our company or capabilities, please feel free to browse a few of our previously completed projects. Alternatively, you can contact us directly for more information.