Solacoat Insulation

We are proudly the preferred applicator in Brisbane  for the award winning Solacoat. This three coat heat reflective roof membrane system is far superior to other roofing membranes and has the awards and testing to back it up.

All Clients that have had this applied have noticed a significant change to temperatue in their house, shed, commercial building and also to their power bill.

We Use Solacoat to Protect Your Roof

Solacoat is a leading brand for building insulation, and we use it as the preferred applicator throughout South East Queensland. Customers generally don’t consider using a protective paint on their roofs because they’re unaware of the advantages it has for building owners and occupants. It’s a three-coat, heat-reflective roof membrane system that is far superior to other options, which is evident in its multiple awards and vigorous testing.

Shelley Contracting Painting Specialists uses Solacoat paint for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, which assists in regulating the temperature inside.

Benefits of a Solar Reflective Roof Paint

Customers often prefer dark colours for their roofs because of the various elements that a roof must withstand. Common colours include red, brown, terracotta, and black, but keep in mind that the wrong colour choice can negatively affect the energy efficiency of the building.

You no longer have to decide between environmental impact and efficiency when you opt for solar coating paint. These paints are available in various colours and help to reduce the heat transfer through your roof. They’ve become the preferred choice for building owners around the world because of their strong benefits:

  • Heat reflective coatings are a cost-effective solution, as they have a cumulative effect with other elements around a building. This option costs just a fraction of revamping the entire roof, and the technology allows you to embrace dark colours that can reflect up to 50 percent of the sun’s energy. Consequently, you reduce the need to start your air conditioning and keep it running for most of the day. Following this practice directly impacts your energy bills, and you save money on related expenses as well, such as air conditioner maintenance, roof structure repair, and other roof-related appliances.
  • Australia has a hot climate, and air conditioning is one of the region’s largest energy demands. Reflective roof coatings can reduce the temperature inside a building by up to 15 percent, reducing your reliance on a heating and cooling system. Apart from the money that you save, the fact that you’re not turning on your air conditioner as often as you did before reduces the greenhouse gas emissions and assists the ozone layer.
  • Colours such as white, silver, and pastels are ideal for the Australian climate since they reflect more of the sun’s rays.
  • A solar roof coating does exactly what its name suggests: it protects your roof from the sun. Instead of leaving your roof to break down, consider applying a protective coating to increase the longevity of the roof.
  • In an office environment, comfort is an essential aspect to check off your list. Employees who are operating in a difficult environment aren’t as productive as those working under ideal conditions. Consequently, ensuring that you add a protective coat to the roof will help to increase your team’s productivity.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Metal Roof Heat Reflective Paint

There are multiple roofing contractors across the country who may advise you differently regarding sun reflective paint. Some may prescribe remedies that last for a specific amount of time before you require their services once more. It’s understandable that customers decide to address the situation themselves. Since you likely don’t have experience or qualifications with roof painting, it’s normal to make these common mistakes:

  • The temptation that many customers go through is using leftover paint for the roof. You must bear in mind that wall paint isn’t the same as roof paint, and it won’t provide the necessary protection. Roofs, particularly metal ones, require a specific type of heat reflective coating to remain in excellent condition for years to come. Ideally, you should speak to a professional to take care of your roof painting near Brisbane.
  • Before we apply roof paint, we use a sealant that holds the paint firmly on the roof. Customers who address this situation as a DIY project often leave out sealants—evident when the paint starts peeling after only a few months. The coating and sealant must complement each other. A reputable contractor will know which sealant to pair with your heat reflective coating.
  • Building managers and homeowners who acquire new roof paint may find themselves at the local hardware store and purchase the first roof coating that they find. A reasonable paint should contain polymeric materials such as acrylic and titanium dioxide. This paint is thicker than other options, and its contents make it reflective and opaque. Metal roofs in particular absorb an extreme amount of UV rays, which heat up the interior. The paint that you use on the roof must be energy efficient or you’ll end up in the same situation: dealing with both a warm interior and high energy costs.
  • Without the proper training and education, it’s easy to use the wrong technique to apply roof paint. The application process is thorough and methodical. First, you must clean and prepare the roof, then seal the roof. After it dries, you can apply the first coat of paint and another coat after that. Although it sounds easy, when you’re in the middle of the process, you will discover the challenges and difficulty. Remember the risk of applying too much or too little heat reflective roof paint. Most customers are better off collaborating with a professional.
  • The final mistake that customers make regarding roofs and protective paint involves proper maintenance. Ideally, you want your roof’s condition to remain intact for several years. You can only achieve this longevity by paying attention to the roof after the contractor has come in and applied your heat reflective coating. Choose a competent company to take care of the roof every year with a high pressure wash down. This process is essential and will ensure that your roof remains aesthetically pleasing. Regular inspections can increase your roof’s longevity.

What Sets Shelley Contracting Painting Specialists Apart Regarding Heat Reflective Roof Coating?

We’re a family operation that has quickly become the number-one painting contractor for residential, commercial, and industrial clients across South East Brisbane and surrounding areas. As a customer-centric organisation, we deliver a service that will exceed your expectations. The fact that we’ve gained a positive reputation in just 11 years is a testament to our workmanship and customer service. Painting is what we’re exceptional at, and we provide an affordable service that is both timely and professional, especially regarding insulation paint for roofs.

We set high standards for our work, which is evident in our attention to detail. Our team will always treat your premises as if it were our own, and we’ll leave it neat and clean time after time. We’re privileged and proud to have an association with reputable paint brands such as Dulux and Solacoat.

We believe in establishing relationships with our clients so that we can make a lasting impression. Our pricing is both transparent and affordable, and we can supply you with a free quotation for painting the roof on your building. Contact us to find out how we can assist you.